Randy in Tokyo

In November I performed at the Cotton Club


with BruceRandy @ Cotton Club in Nov 2013 Gaitsch (guitar), Janey Clewer (artist/vocals/keyboards), George Hawkins (bass), Billy Ward (drums), and Dave Innis (keyboards).

It was unforgettable. The crowds were great and the club was Class A.


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A Visit to Scandinavian Songs

I stopped by Scandinavian Songs in Stockholm to write with some of my favorite writers.

Filip Lindfors and Ingemar Åberg


Here’s 2 of them, Filip Lindfors and Ingemar Åberg,  along with a picture of the office. I love working with this stable of writers.
They are amazingly talented, each and every one.


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LOKKO Concert

I just got back from a great writing/performing trip to Sweden.


I did a concert with Lars Söderberg and Jonathan Westling under the artist/band name, LOKKO. Lars and I formed LOKKO earlier this year and this is our first live performance as the band. We appeared at the New Directions Festival in Luleå, Sweden. Later in the trip I went to Stockholm for a few days and wrote with some amazing writers. More on that later. Here’s a link to the LOKKO concert:


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Writing with French Guys Productions

Olivier and StéphaneWhile in LA I wrote a huge song with Stéphane Lozac’h, and Olivier Visconti (French Guys Productions).




French Guys and Randy





They are extremely talented guys and we wrote a fresh, exciting pop song.
They simultaneously produced an amazing track. High hopes for this one!!

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Writing with Niklas Rosström

While in LA I wrote with a great writer from Finland, Niklas Rosström. Here we are in my hotel room pounding out a future hit into my MacBook Air.


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